Outside In

January is by far not one of my favourite months. The days are short and half the time is so cold and rainy that you don’t even want to leave the house!

One of my favourite “January blues fighters” is filling the house with plants! I always love having plants in the house but even more when its cold and rainy – it’s make it feel a little more spring-y don’t you think?

The easiest plants to keep of course are herbs and I love them. They are amazing for cooking, making you house smell delicious and you can even make the most beautiful herb bouquets!

Herb bouquet
My favourite herbs have to be sage, basil and rosemary. They are so easy to grow, you just need to but them next to a sunny window, water then twice a week and try not wet the leaves! Easy right?
Tea herbs
Do you like keeping plants in the house? Which is your favourite herb?
P.S. Can you image having citrus trees in house, wouldn’t it smell divine?

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