À la Plage, À la Piscine


It is miserable day today. It’s raining, it’s grey and I can hear the wind shuffling through the trees outside. It’s the perfect day to share with you these amazing pictures by Gray Malin. 

Shooting from doorless helicopters, the 27 year old photographer Gray Malin from Dallas has taken some exceptional images that according to me capture the spirit of summer. From the USA to South Africa, from Australia to Brazil, his series “a la place, a la piscine” results is a beautiful emergence of people patterns upon the landscape. These pictures turn real life scenarios into a beautiful pattern displaying an order of colour and shapes making chaos look pure. Don’t you think there great? 



P.S. I’m slightly tempted to look out for Wally in these pictures, they really remind me of the Where’s Wally books 🙂