Amazing Things Will Happen

Amazing Things Will Happen

Hello Everyone! How are you all? Sorry for not being around – i’ve been spending time sorting my life out. I feel like i’m always sorting my life out but it always feels so manic!

It did feel like the right time for a proper “clean out” so after coming back from a little break in Austria (first time skying hihi) I decided to put my head down and start putting things in order. Without dragging short stories out, N and I have decided to move to our own little place. We will still be renting but it will be just the two of us. I’m so excited and can’t wait to show you all my new home inspiration pictures.

I’m also having loads of fun slowly (very slowly) going through my wardrobe and getting ready for spring – tons of pictures coming on that as well.


And then, with no less importance, I am finally (officially) putting my head down and am going to start properly plotting my grand plan for my wonderful new career! 🙂

I’ve loved baking since as long as I can remember, I drool over food blogs and have a collection of recipes books that far exceeds any other collection and my favourite thing to do is sitting in coffee bars wherever and whenever.

It took me a while to understand what my priorities are, and making money doing something that I didn’t particularly like was not going to make he happy.

So why not turn my hobby into a profession? It could take me in all sorts of directions – writing a blog, baking and selling my cakes, create new products, work in cafe, become queen barista, etc.

This time I want to find a profession that follows my values, that uses my strengths and ultimately that makes me happy. Everyones dream, I know, but why not make it happen?

It’s not impossible, it’s just a case of finding this “job”/”life”. So here is the journey, on Cafe Cortado, the evolution (I hope) of my recipes, the building of my own personal plan, the failures and successes. A blissful journal of happiness and beautiful inspirations.

Heart flowers

A mission and a half I know, but I’m it taking step by step.  I’m enjoying what I am doing and that is something I want to cherish.

So I hope that your enjoying it so far, and that you will be able to join my on my adventure, I look forward to your advice and criticism and many days of laughter and tears.

So many exciting things on at once! It’s a lot of hard work, more than a little unconventional but amazing things are going to happen this year and i’m going to make sure they happen.

Happy Tuesday everyone and thank you for visiting (as always)!

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