Sneakers 16

Happy Monday everyone! Did you have a nice weekend? Wasn’t yesterdays weather heaven? It’s been so long since the sun last came out, it felt like a little glimpse of spring, FINALLY!

Now that it feels like the rain has calmed down a little (I’m hoping at least) I’m on the search for a new pair of everyday shoes and what could be better than a brand new pair of sneakers!

I rarely turn down the opportunity to dress up in a pair of drop-dead beautiful heels but not much comes close to sense of gratification when you finally get to take them off.

But now, the sneaker culture is starting to be embraced by the fashion community! Again, FINALLY! Gone are the days of wearing impractical heels, comfort is finally wining over, and the new generation of sneaker is far to beautiful to be solely confined to the gym anyway.

Then came Chanel Haute Couture – all the models on the couture catwalk were wearing beautiful sparkly sneakers. The sneakers brought a freshness to the enchanting looks and transformed the way the models carried themselves radiating a contagious sense of ease. What what more do you need to be convinced? If Chanel is on board then I am certainly not holding back!

Sneakers 12

Sneakers 8

Sneakers 11

Sneakers 10

Check out these beauties and their sneakers:

Sneakers 13

Sneakers 14

Sneakers 15

Sneakers 1

Sneakers 9

Sneakers 7

Sneakers 6

Sneakers 5

Sneakers 3

Sneakers 2

What are you favourite? New Balance classics? The New Nike ID? Or the oldie but always a goodie, Adidas? Can’t wait to get my hands on a new pair! x

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