Nectarine Tart with Hazelnut Sugar Coated Crunch


It’s Friday! What a joy! What are you up to this weekend? If your in London it’s meant to sunny on Sunday which will be a more than pleasant change. 

N and I are organising a romantic dinner for this evening and tomorrow I’m going to see an Art Exhibition with my darling friend and hopefully a walk by the river. I love walking by the river, even if it’s cold it’s so peaceful and calming. 

So, Nectarine Tart. I’ve been thinking about Valentine treats lately and wanted to come up with something that wasn’t chocolaty. I’m sure i’ll be baking some chocolate recipe for the day but this Rose Shaped Nectarine Tart with Hazelnut Sugar Coated Crunch is the perfect indulgent alternative. 


For the tart I’ve used a different recipe for Creme Patisserie, I think it might be my new favourite. It’s from a book N’s sister lent me called Il Cucchiaio D’Argento (The Silver Spoon) which is basically the Italy Bible of Food. It’s amazing! 

French Tart Shell/ Dough (adapted from David Lebovitz Tart Shell

This has to be my favourite Tart Dough recipe EVER! It’s so easy to make, it’s deliciously crispy and you can make in no time! I also use it for savoury tarts and just cut down the sugar by half. 

One 9-inch (23 cm) tart pan 

  • 90g of butter, cut into cubes
  • 3 tbsp water
  • 2 tbsp caster sugar
  • 1 tbsp vegetable oil 
  • Pinch of salt
  • 150g of all-purpose flour

Preheat the oven to 200 C. 

1. In a heat proof bowl combine the butter, water, sugar, vegetable oil and salt and place it in the oven. Leave it for about 15 minutes until all the ingredients have melted and the butter has begun to brown on the sides. 

2. VERY CAREFULLY (as the mixture can “spit” a little) remove the mixture from the oven and quickly dump in the flour stirring until it comes together and forms a ball. 

3. Once the dough has cooled down a little (enough to be able to handle it) transfer it into the tart pan and with you hands slowly mould it into place. 

4. Prick the dough with a fork and bake it in the oven for about 15 minutes or until it’s golden brown. 

5. Let the tart shell cool before filling. 


Creme Patisserie/ Crema Pasticciera

  • 4 medium egg yolks
  • 100g of caster sugar
  • 30g of all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 litre of milk
  • A couple of pieces of lemon peel 
  • 1 tsp of vanilla essence

1. In a medium bowl work the egg yolks and caster sugar together with a wood spoon. In the meantime, heat up the milk in a  small saucepan with the lemon peel and the vanilla essence. 

2. Slowly add the flour, constantly mixing, until the mixture has amalgamated and slightly thanked in texture. Poor little by little, always stirring, the boiling milk infused with lemon and vanilla until the eggs mixture is warm. 

3. Now add the egg mixture to the rest of the milk and keep stirring until the creme start to thicken, around 3-4 minutes. 

4. Strain the creme through a mesh strainer to get of any unwanted lumps and the lemon peel, cover with cling film and pop it in the fridge until your ready to use it. 

Nectarine Tart with hazelnut sugar coated crunch

  • 1 French Tart Shell 
  • 1 portion of Creme Patisserie/ Crema Pasticciera 
  • 4 nectaries chopped thinly
  • 2 tbsp jam (apricot jam is my preference) 
  • 2 tbsp crushed hazelnuts
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar

1. Take your cool French Tart Shell and gently fill it with the Creme Patisserie. 

2. Carefully layer the nectarine slices in a circle starting form the edge of the shell and finishing of in the centre creating a beautiful heart shaped design. 





3. Melt the jam with a little water in a saucepan and use this to brush the nectarines to give them a delightful glaze. 

4. Finally mix the crushed hazelnuts and sugar and quickly toss them in a frying pay until they begin to stick together and from crunchy clusters. Sprinkle over your finished tart and voila, you have a Nectarine “Love” Tart with Hazelnut Sugar Coated Crunch. 


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