Let’s get to know each other a little more…

ImageHello lovelies, sorry for missing out yesterday. I had a mad day rushing around Oxford Street wedding dress shopping! I can’t wait to share pictures with you! 

I think I am officially done with the wedding dress hunting and I’ve decided to sketch my own dress and have it made by a wonderful Polish seamstress that is based just up the road from me. I’m feeling slightly nervous, the first fitting is in 3 weeks, but am so excited to see the product of all my research. Are you married? What did you love about your dress? If your not married, what sort of dress do think you would like to wear? 

Anyway, until I can get some pictures to show you I thought it might be nice to get to know each other a little better. I’ve always been a particularly nosey person – I love meeting new people and am always intrigued by their background. 


I grew up in, what I think is, one of the most idillic places in the world, Mallorca. I was born at home in a small town called Es Carritxo and lived there for the first 18 year of my life. My younger sister and I lived between my mother’s beautiful home on top of the mountain and my fathers tucked away countryside home at the bottom of the hill.


It’s always around this time of year that I tend to feel a little home sick as the beginning of spring in Mallorca is just mid blowing. The things that i’m missing most at the moment is long chats on the beach with my girlfriends tucked under blankets, the amazing sunsets over the mountains (the air in Mallorca is like nowhere else), long cortados at the market and especially the fields full of almond blossoms. 


Now however I’m in London! I’ve been here since I was 18. I moved over to get some working experience and so started to work as a Personal Assistant in London after I finished school. I had never planned to stay longer than 6-8 months but, such a cliche I know, I ended up falling in love! 

Now it’s 6 years down the line and I live in my own beautiful apartment in west London with my cat and my amazing future husband. 

Do you live in a different country than where you grew up? Do you sometimes feel homesick? What things are you missing the most? Would you ever move back? If you did decide to move where would you go? I would love to move to Rome for a couple of years – its such an amazing city!


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