Have a wonderful weekend


It’s Friday – thank goodness! It’s been such a week, I feel exhausted. I have no particular reason for feeling tired but I get to the end of the week and just collapse. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a great January so far (I usually get a serious bout of January blues) but I just feel wiped out by the end of the week. How are you feeling my lovelies? Are you on the sunny side? Or are you feeling a little January blues? 

But – it’s Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I’m hoping for a weekend full of fun and a lot of sleeping too. 

I’ve started to go back to the gym which is a great success so I think I may be popping in this evening so then it’s done. There is something so satisfactory about going to the gym on a Friday, it makes me feel like i’m allowed to be more lazy on the weekend – is isn’t it silly? 

Aside from that I have brunch planned with one of my friends tomorrow morning where I will be having the most delicious scrambled eggs at Granger’s & Co.

ImageSaturday night I have the house all to myself as Nic is going out with the boys so i’m definitely going to treat myself to some girly movies, cosy knit and bed socks on the sofa. I love having alone time once in a  while, this article made me smile because it’s exactly what I do on my special days to myself. 


We also have a new flatmate moving in this evening which will be fun – I took some of Joanna’s (from Cup of Jo) great tips to make the room look nice and cosy. 


I’m also looking forward to wearing my new supper stretch jeans that I treated myself too! I swear by them – they are SO comfy! 


And finally, if I get some time and feel like it, i’ll be getting onto more wedding stuff. Who knew that there is so much to organise?!? I’m taking it step by step which has helped me stay stress free so far and this weekends task is going to be Menus. I’m loving these so far: 








So what are you up to this weekend? Here are a bunch of cool links for your weekend, I hope you have a fab time and I’ll see you Monday! 


P.S. Thank you SO much for all your support guys! I’m so happy your enjoying the posts, especially the chocolate cake ;). I felt so inspired that i’ve got my kitchen full of chocolate cakes trying to find the perfect recipe to share with you all. 

Lots of e-hugs! x 

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