7 Best Leaning Frames

I love putting pictures up in the house. Be it personal photos, print outs, posters or even amazing magazine covers or post cards I think it adds a personal touch and I also find it very inspiring.

I like the house to have a beautiful casual style and never like things when they look too “done” so I love leaning frames. You can lean them by the wall, on or under furniture, you can overlap them or add them to your bookshelf to add a little fun.

Aside from it’s lovely relaxed vibe you can also constantly move things around without having to put tons of holes in the walls (which is great if you renting like me!).

So here are my 7 best pictures of inspiration for leaning frames:


Why not include some pictures in your kitchen?






Don’t they look great as part of this bookshelf?


My lovelies, what are your thoughts on leaning frames?

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